Question: Does Airmasq have a filter?

Answer: Yes! Our q-nano filter is the middle layer of our mask, and provides an N95 level of filtration, as well as being waterproof.

Question: How do I wash my Airmasq?

Answer: We recommend soaking your Airmasq in warm water and with a gentle soap such as your face soap. Avoid ironing or rubbing the surface of the mask as this may affect the waterproof and antibacterial coating

Question: Are Airmasq's waterproof?

Answer: All Airmasq's except the Shea have a waterproof outer coating. A good way to test this is to drop some water on it and watch it bead. If the waterpoof coating has been damaged after washing, the mask should be discarded. The waterproof coating has been tested in a lab and retained 99.9% Efficiency even after 50 washes. 

Question: Why are Airmasq's better than normal cotton masks without a Filter

Answer: Airmasq's have a built in Nano-Q filter and with our three layer, 3D construction, have achieved an KN95 equivalent test standard. This confirms that Airmasq is as efficient as a brand new KN95 mask.

Question: How many times can I wash an Airmasq

Answer: While it is hard to determine the exact number of washes, as this is dependent on the washing method, we have tested Airmasq's for more than 50 washes and the Waterproof and Antibacterial coatings have maintained at 99.9%. While the filter will degrade depending on the washing method, it is well over 60% after 30 washings.